Tuscan Son by Dino Parenti
"Only one photograph of the man who my grandmother called Leonello Giovanni Parenti was passed down to our family. He and his young bride are posed on a photographer's set before a painted backdrop, suggesting they are on the deck of a ship on their honeymoon. Their wedding bands are in the camera's eye, but not so clearly as the gaze in the couple's eyes. Hers is of a young, innocent girl who is six months pregnant with child, looking somewhat confused, maybe resolved to whatever her new life holds. Neither of them are smiling. In studying him, I recognize facial characteristics of my father and of my own. But it is in his eyes that the next chapter of his life is revealed . . . a cold, detached stare, in contrast to the soft, dreamy look of his new wife.
Within a few months, he was gone." - excerpt from page 5